The Autistic Society Fund supports ASRC

January 4th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

They say charity begins at home, and The Autistic Society Fund recently discovered an amazing organization in Connecticut that illustrates this fact.  Founded in 1998 by the parent of an autistic child in the New Haven area, The Connecticut Autism Resource Center (CT-ASRC) has grown from an informal group meeting in the basement of a synagogue to the largest autism service group in Connecticut.

Good Charity, Inc. helps ASRC fight Autism

The ASRC is still family run to this day, and doesn’t receive any state or federal funds to help with all the important services it provides. The Autistic Society Fund’s director Brian Maiorana decided to financially support the ASRC in 2012 because of its unique programs, like its “Parent Advocacy Boot camp” occurring  February 2013. The Boot Camp consists of 4 seminars to train parents how to recognize autism in their child, navigate the school and medical systems, and how to prepare their child for transitioning into adulthood on their own.

Good Charity, Inc.  is committed to helping autistic Americans, their families, and their caregivers. To the tens of thousands of children and adults in Connecticut coping with this difficult condition, as well as those that love and care for a child, sibling, or legal dependent with autism, The Connecticut Autism Resource Center is a powerful resource. The Autistic Society Fund is proud to help support them.

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