The Autistic Society Fund fights Autism in Illinois

December 20th, 2012 by Brian Maiorana

The Autistic Society Fund has found an innovative organization to support in Illinois. They initially caught our attention when we heard about an Italian restaurant, Pasta Fare, and a flower shop called Petals Remembered being staffed by autistic employees.

Spaghetti dinner at Pasta Fare

Brian Maiorana, the director of Good Charity, Inc., decided to investigate. What he found was the Illinois Center for Autism (ICA). The Center, in addition to offering numerous programs, resources, and services to the autistic community, also operates two small businesses- the restaurant and the flower shop, “designed to provide employment opportunities to include social and vocational skills training necessary for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to function within a community job setting.”

We chose to donate funds to the ICA because it engages and impacts autistic people in such a broad way. From day camps that take everyone from kids with Asperger’s syndrome to young adults (up to 23) with more severe developmental impairments, to family counseling and private therapy sessions, ICA offers the wide spectrum of support that autistic Americans and their families need.

Good Charity, Inc.  is committed to helping autistic Americans, their families, and their caregivers. To the tens of thousands of children and adults in Illinois coping with this difficult condition, as well as those that love and care for a child, sibling, or legal dependent with autism, the Illinois Center for Autism is a powerful resource. The Autistic Society Fund is proud to help support them.

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