Good Charity, Inc. Helps Katy Perry Fight Autism

November 28th, 2012 by Brian Maiorana

     In October Good Charity, Inc. and the Autistic Society Fund were happy to support New York Collaborates for Autism (NYCA) and the “Night of Too Many Stars”, which raised over $4 million to assist families coping with autism.

Katy Perry and The Autistic Society Fund

Katy Perry and Jody sing a duet

NYCA leverages their connections in the entertainment industry to sponsor the nationally-televised variety show “Night of Too Many Stars” in partnership with Comedy Central cable network. This year the show was hosted by Jon Stewart and was packed with numerous celebrities and superstars – including Katy Perry! Katy Perry performed an amazing duet with a young singer by the name of Jodi DiPiazza, who also happens to be autistic. Check out Katy Perry’s performance here.

2012 was The Autistic Society Fund’s inaugural year; we are ecstatic to see that our financial contributions helped NYCA stage “Night of Too Many Stars” and raise LOTS of money to support those individuals afflicted with autism. Below is an excerpt from a letter NYCA recently sent to director Brian Maiorana:Dear Brian, thank you for your generous contribution…to Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs”. Together we exceeded our goal and raised over $4 million dollars…
NYCA is engaged in the fight against autism on many levels. One of NYCA’s most impressive accomplishments was creating the Hunter College Autism Center, which serves as an invaluable resource to the New York City community providing training and outreach programs. NYCA is a source of original academic research into Autism Spectrum Disorder. NYCA also provides training for educators and parents, after school programs, and a wide variety of other services for families facing the special challenges posed by autism.
Good Charity, Inc. and The Autistic Society Fund are proud to support this worthy cause.

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