Our Terminally Ill Children’s Fund Contributes $2,500 to The Pinwheel Project

May 31st, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

JeffersonAt Good Charity Inc. we often use our funds to appropriate money to individuals in dire need through our Financial Assistance Program. However, we also aim to provide funds to charities who can do the same on our behalf.

We recently donated $2,500 to The Pinwheel Project, a charity devoted to providing comfort and support for hospitalized children and their families at no cost. Their mission is a compelling one:

We are dedicated to the idea that children and families affected by a pediatric hospital stay deserve an extra measure of comfort and kindness. Our commitment is to promote healing by providing practical assistance, emotional support and a reason to smile during this difficult time.

Just recently I was delighted to receive an email from Sandee Martensen — the Executive Director of The Pinwheel Project — in which she shared a number of touching stories. I’ve shared two of them below.


The first story was of Hector — an eighteen-year-old dialysis patient. He had a special request that was forwarded to Sandee by his physician:

I am writing to you on behalf of dialysis patient of mine, now 18 years old, who would like to attend his High School prom.

Hector was followed by a Nephrologist and in 2001 was diagnosed with FSGS, which is a syndrome that attacks the kidney. He first was on Peritoneal Dialysis and most recently Hemodialysis Dialysis. This process occurs three times a week for a duration of 3½ hours.

He has struggled to maintain his schoolwork, stay connected to his family and friends and enjoy life. His family experienced more hardship when Hector’s dad died of a heart attack on a family vacation. His mother then became emotionally unstable and could no longer care for Hector. His elderly Aunt tried to raise him, but was struggling with aging herself. So he was then placed on social hold in the hospital for almost a year, until there was a foster family space available. After three years with this Foster Family he recently moved to another Foster Care Family.

Hector is an easy going, simple guy who would like to finish his high schools years just like every other Senior, take his regents, attend prom and proudly graduate.

I am delighted to say that The Pinwheel Project — with Good Charity’s financial assistance — is sending Hector to his high school prom with all expenses covered.


I received an equally heartwarming story from Sandee about a five-year-old leukemia patient, Jefferson, whose treatment requires a series of admissions of four weeks in the hospital and four weeks at home:

When Jefferson is inpatient The Pinwheel Project is happy to send him lots of Toy Story toys including his #1 character, Buzz Lightyear. We are also able to send his favorite snacks to the hospital. When Jefferson is home and between treatments, he is unfortunately confined to the house, so we have been sending packages of toys, activities and goodies to his home. We’re told that he loves the special packages and looks forward to getting them.

It is wonderful to know that the donations provided to us here at Good Charity can be used to increase the quality of life of young people afflicted by illness. That is the purpose of our Terminally Ill Children’s Fund and we are delighted to see that The Pinwheel Project has used our donation in such a conscientious manner.

If you would like to contribute then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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