Good Charity Inc | Terminally ill child Financial Assistance

April 26th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Terminally Ill Children's Fund at work in Long Island, New York

Bringing life into this world is a miracle in itself and one of the happiest moments a parent could ever experience. The anticipation and joy can be tremendous.Most families shortly after giving birth bring their newborn baby home to raise and love. Others, however, receive news that no one could prepare for. I could not imagine a more terrifying experience than learning your baby has health complications or an illness that threatens their life. The feeling of desperation and sadness must be overwhelming…

Good Charity Inc supports the Muir family through their Financial Assistance program.
Good Charity Inc also supports The Autistic Society Fund, America’s Missing Children Fund, Terminally Ill Children’s Fund, Children’s Leukemia of America Fund, Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund, National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund, Michigan Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund, Disabled Veterans Wheelchair Games, Disaster Relief Aid Fund

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