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April 4th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Here’s a news story we found recently from Linda Hurtado, at ABC Action News in Tampa Bay Florida:

     Ask any women getting chemotherapy what they fear most and the answer will probably be losing their hair.
After losing a breast, the hair is often a comfort they don’t want to give up.
Now there’s a method for keeping the hair called cold cap therapy.
In theory, the cold cap works by putting the hair follicles into hibernation, while the chemo circulates.

Aimee Pyburn survived her own diagnosis with breast cancer, surgery and radiation, but the thought of losing her hair terrified her.

“People look at you differently and treat you differently when they know you are ill. I didn’t want that. I wanted to be treated normal,” said Pyburn.

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     Her sister discovered the cold cap while doing research online and Aimee brought the idea up to her doctor, David Wright, of Florida Cancer Specialists.

“I didn’t think the cold cap would work,” said Dr. Wright. “They started with this years ago and it never really had a good affect, meaning women would try this intervention and they’d end up losing their hair anyway.”
But, Dr. Wright said he is now a believer.
“I have several patients on the cold cap and like Aimee, they’ve kept their hair.”

For more information about cold cap therapy check out:…

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