National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund at work in Michigan

January 14th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Breast cancer kills more than forty thousand American women every year. For every death, there are many more women who fight the disease successfully -for these women and their loved ones, the struggle against breast cancer is an everyday battle.

Good Charity Inc. fights Breast Cancer in Michigan

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund and its director Brian Maiorana have decided that the most effective way to fight breast cancer is to target their giving to the best hospitals and medical research centers in the country. In Michigan, we chose to financially support Beaumont Hospital’s Vattikuti Digital Breast Diagnostic Center.

Beaumont provides a holistic spectrum of tools to battle the disease. From counseling programs for newly diagnosed patients, to the Clinical Oncology Program that offers patients access to the newest research trials and treatments, Beaumont is focused not just on treatment, but also on prevention and maintenance of health after treatment.

 “You and your donors are helping save lives! Through your generosity, you are helping fund cancer education, treatment and research programs that help tens of thousands of women each year.”

-Thank you letter addressed to Good Charity

Survival rates for breast cancer patients at Beaumont consistently exceed the national average. The National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund is proud to know that our donor’s generous contributions are helping to save lives.


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