Michigan Disabled and Paralyzed Veteran Fund honored at the MVF annual celebration

January 4th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Christmas was made even more special this year when the Michigan Veterans Foundation honored Brian Maiorana, the director of Good Charity, Inc for the contributions made during 2012.

The Michigan Veterans Foundation operates a large center in downtown Detroit that serves the homeless veteran population of the region. They have pledged to “never leave our wounded behind, our mission is to help homeless veterans regain stability and return to self-sufficiency”.

During 2012, The Michigan Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund gave financial support that helped the organization provide transitional housing to hundreds of veterans, post-traumatic stress disorder counseling, employment training, health care, and many other services so desperately needed by homeless veterans in southeast Michigan.

Michigan Veterans Foundation Color Guard

The Michigan Veterans Foundation put on a tremendous year end Christmas party, complete with an official US military color guard. The highlight of the evening was a series of awards the Foundation presented to the people that helped them help veterans throughout the prior year.

 The award presented to Brian Maiorana on behalf of the Michigan Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund reads:

“Making the Difference: Awarded to Brian Maiorana for your loyal dedication and unwavering commitment. Thank you for your outstanding contributions toward our goals and for making our organization stand above the rest.”

President Calvin Coolidge once said that the nation that forgets its defenders, may itself be one day forgotten. We at the Michigan Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund are proud to support organizations that empower veterans to help other veterans.

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