Aaron Tippin concert for Michigan Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund

February 11th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

On February 10th, Good Charity Inc, director Brian Maiorana was invited to attend the 1st annual “Valentines for Veterans” concert in Ypsilanti, Michigan. An estimated 1,500 people came to see Country-Western music star Aaron Tippin and his amazing band perform a full set of his hit songs. Tippin is a staunch supporter of the US military, its veterans, and their families, and this concert was his platform to honor and entertain all the veterans and VA hospital volunteers that attended.
Good Charity, Inc  supports Aaron Tippin concert

Powerful opening remarks from US congressman John Dingell about the importance of military service set the stage for the day’s most poignant moment; a young veteran who survived a bombing attack that killed his entire unit led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was truly inspiring to see this young man fight through his injuries as he intoned the sacred oath that begins “I Pledge Allegiance…”

After that, the Michigan Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund was pleasantly surprised to hear our names called to walk across the stage and recieve an award thanking us for our financial support. Then the fun began!

Once Aaron Tippin took the stage, the somber mood was lifted and the honky-tonkin got started. The whole auditorium was swept up in his energy and patriotic songs, and we were elated to see how our donations to the Veterans Administration directly helped put this great show on, bringing America’s veterans and volunteers together for great music and good times.

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