Financial Assistance program in Howard Beach, Queens

August 28th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Good Charity Inc has a special Financial Assistance Program through which applicants can request funding to help them deal with specific events and costs. Through the Disaster Aid and Relief Fund, Good Charity Inc was able to help a family in Howard Beach, Queens rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012.

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The Scafo’s are a family of 7 living in Queens, New York, not a place you typically think of when Hurricanes strike; but in October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, causing roughly 100 deaths and $42 billion in damage in New York alone.  Many homes were left uninhabitable, including the Scafo’s, who saw most of their possessions destroyed when flood waters surged into their home, filling it with water to the top of the basement steps.

Through the Financial Assistance Program Good Charity, Inc and the Disaster Aid and Relief Fund were able to provide help to the Scafo’s as they worked through the rebuilding process.

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