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Since the end of WW2, the Veterans Administration has been involved in organizing and supporting athletic games for disabled veterans. It started with wheelchair basketball being played in VA hospitals around the country in the late 1940’s; over the decades more and more sports were organized, like swimming, bowling and archery.

Good Charity, Inc supports Disabled Veterans Wheelchair Games

When Good Charity, Inc and Disabled Veteran Wheelchair Games director Brian Maiorana learned about the long history of wheelchair sports for American vets, we decided to give our financial support.

As the interest in organized sports for disabled veterans grew through the years, the Veterans Administration began using wheelchair sports as a therapeutic tool, and in 1981 the first official National Veterans Wheelchair Games were held in Richmond, Virginia. Since then, the Games have continued to grow.

Here’s a Youtube clip of quad and paraplegic veterans playing power soccer.

The physical and emotional strength exhibited by our disabled veterans is truly inspiring, and the Veterans wheelchair games are a powerful testimony to their resilient humanity.

This past June, 540 Veterans came from around the country (and even a few from Great Britain) to participate in the 32nd annual event, and the Disabled Veteran Wheelchair Games was  overjoyed to have played a part in making this years version a success through our direct financial contribution.


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Annual Veteran Wheelchair Games

June 21st, 2012 by Brian Maiorana

disabled vet bowling

Best of luck to all the contestants in this years Veteran Wheelchair Games in Richmond VA. We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices our veterans have made. Thanks again to all of our sponsors for your continued support.

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