Children’s Leukemia of America Fund works to stop tragedies like this!

April 25th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Children’s Leukemia of America Fund and Good Charity Inc’s director Brian Maiorana are working to make sure tragedies like this don’t happen again.

The Story of a teenage girl with Leukemia

This is the story of Kerry Magana,  daughter of Honduran immigrants. Kerry’s mother moved to the United States to build a better life for her family, leaving behind extended family in Honduras. She was a legally documented resident of the United State and gave birth to her daughter Kerry.

Children's Leukemia of America Fund

At age 15, Kerry was diagnosed with Leukemia. Kerry had never met her family back in Honduras and sherequested to meet her grandmother for the first time.  Kerry’s grandmother bought a plane ticket to Missouri, but found her trip put on hold by the U.S. government because they would not grant her a visa.  In the meanwhile, Kerry’s condition continued to deteriorate.

Children’s Leukemia takes another life

After a long battle, a politician in Washington, D.C. finally intervened and Kerry’s grandmother was granted clearance to enter the country. By this time it was too late.  When she finally arrived at her granddaughters hospital room,  Kerry Magana was unable to open her eyes. Kerry was able to hear her grandmother’s voice for the first time in person before dying just a few short minutes after her grandmother arrived.

-Brian Maiorana, Director, Good Charity Inc

If you know anyone suffering from Children’s Leukemia please contact our financial assistance department to see if the Children’s Leukemia of America Fund can help.

The news clip comes from KMBC in Kansas City Missouri.

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