Good Charity, Inc. Helps an Amazing Family and Their Terminally Ill Child

March 7th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Good Charity, Inc.Bringing life into this world is a miracle in itself and one of the happiest moments a parent could ever experience. The anticipation and joy can be tremendous.

Most families shortly after giving birth bring their newborn baby home to raise and love. Others, however, receive news that no one could prepare for. I could not imagine a more terrifying experience than learning your baby has health complications or an illness that threatens their life. The feeling of desperation and sadness must be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, for some these tragic circumstances are a reality. Good Charity, Inc. was contacted by one such family. In a letter addressed to us, the mother wrote:

My name is Maria. I gave birth to Rachael on Aug 3rd, 2012. Rachael was born one month early. Rachael was born blue and lifeless and with no cry she had to be resuscitated.

The first month of Rachael’s life was very challenging.  She had surgery to place feeding tubes in her stomach in order for her to be fed. Shortly after, both of her lungs collapsed and her body became paralyzed. She then had a tracheostomy done in order for her to breathe.

There is absolutely nothing worse than having to see your child fight to stay alive. Rachael stayed 91 days in the NICU and was transferred to another children’s hospital where she is currently, fighting for her life.

We decided immediately that through our Terminally Ill Children’s Fund we would help in any way we could. From speaking with Maria, she informed us that she travels 100 miles each way to visit her daughter daily. Her husband also works for a company that was displaced due to Hurricane Sandy. With all of these obstacles against them we are happy to be in the position to lend a helping hand.

We offered to assist in some day to day necessities like gas, food, utilities or anything else that would help in some small way. Our heart goes out to this loving family. In a response email, Maria wrote:

Thank you for the generous donation we truly appreciate it. Good Charity you have given our family a glimmer of joy in the midst of our darkest hour.

Ultimately the family would like nothing more than to bring their daughter home. They are in search of funding to build an addition that would house the equipment their daughter requires, a ventilator and other equipment. If you would like to help please send us a message.

– Brian Maiorana

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