Good Charity, Inc. glad to support breast cancer survivors

February 25th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Good Charity Inc., was contacted by a women named Chantel who had an inspirational story.  Her story was one that made an impact on us and showed the strength and fortitude of the human character.  Chantel is a vibrant woman who like many others became diagnosed with breast cancer.  At the point when Chantel contacted us she began to feel the pressure and financial burden that many in her situation face.  In a letter addressed to Good Charity Inc., Chantel wrote:

I am a very hard working, caring, loving individual.  I’ve always had two or three jobs at once.  In May my husband begged me to quit two of my part time jobs and keep only my one full time position.  We have a son in grade 1 and a daughter.  A month later, I lost my full time job and it took me three months to find another.  I began to get depressed and my family struggled due to our lack of finances.  That Sept, I found a lump in my breast.  Eventually I took on another job.  My husband and kids were not happy but we needed the additional job to help out financially.  We were really struggling.  My doctor felt that my lump might be cyst and wanted me to come back in a few months.  I did and not much had changed.  

On June 7th 2012, my husband says we are separating.  On June 12th, I have a biopsy done and in fact I have cancer.  I had to have surgery soon, chemo and radiation.   June 21 would have been our 9 year anniversary.  July 24th I had a bilateral mastectomy.   That August my husband moved away with my daughter.  After my surgery I had a port put in and began receiving chemotherapy.   I’ve had 3 chemo sessions and have 3 more to go.   Currently I’m trying to sell my house and move because I can’t afford anything, anymore.   I haven’t worked since July 2012.  I am requesting some assistance and would like to use the money to help cover the costs of living.  Any money would be greatly appreciated until I am able to go back to work.  Thank you so much for your consideration.



This story was very moving to us because it showed a person so willing to work and to provide for her family and at the same time she had to overcome obstacles of health, emotional stress, separation from her husband and treatments all at the same time.  Chantel’s bravery is one to be commended.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from illness face similar circumstances.   The physical toll of treatment, surgery and rehabilitation often leaves people unable to work and unable to pay their bills.  The National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund and all of us at Good Charity Inc. are happy to have been able to help and we wish Chantel a speedy recovery and a happy new start at life.

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