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Disaster Aid and Relief Fund at work in Long Island

September 13th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Rudy and Maria’s home was flooded and severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy, just 14 months after also being flooded by Hurricane Irene. Good Charity, Inc. and the Disaster Aid and Relief Fund visited them as they were in the midst of their rebuilding process. They graciously shared their story with us. We were honored to support Rudy and Maria directly through our Financial Assistance Program.

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Financial Assistance program in Howard Beach, Queens

August 28th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Good Charity Inc has a special Financial Assistance Program through which applicants can request funding to help them deal with specific events and costs. Through the Disaster Aid and Relief Fund, Good Charity Inc was able to help a family in Howard Beach, Queens rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012.

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The Scafo’s are a family of 7 living in Queens, New York, not a place you typically think of when Hurricanes strike; but in October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, causing roughly 100 deaths and $42 billion in damage in New York alone.  Many homes were left uninhabitable, including the Scafo’s, who saw most of their possessions destroyed when flood waters surged into their home, filling it with water to the top of the basement steps.

Through the Financial Assistance Program Good Charity, Inc and the Disaster Aid and Relief Fund were able to provide help to the Scafo’s as they worked through the rebuilding process.

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[jwplayer mediaid=”1414″]Good Charity Inc and the Terminally Ill Children's fund support Jason's Dreams for Kids in New Jersey

In April of 2013, Good Charity, Inc and the Terminally Ill Children’s Fund director  Brian Maiorana went to New Jersey to visit Jason’s Dreams for Kids.

Jason’s Dreams for Kids, Inc. is an organization that was founded in memory of Jason Douglas Creager, who passed away on January 18, 1992 after losing his battle with cancer.

Jason’s Dreams for Kids, Inc. is devoted to granting wishes to children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Bringing a little happiness and putting a few smiles on these children’s faces – and hopefully their parents faces – is their goal. Jason’s Dreams for Kids is also subsidized by founder Dennis McGinnis’ own company – McGinnis Printing, which covers incidental expenses such as printing, mailing and administrative costs.

We appreciated the opportunity to meet with Dennis and the families that he has touched.  It was truly a heart warming experience.

The Terminally Ill Children’s Fund is committed to working with partners like Jason’s Dreams for Kids and will continue to support them and the great work they do!!


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Good Charity Inc and the Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund support America’s veterans through our Financial Assistance Program. Joseph is a WW2 veteran living in Michigan. Recently, he developed an infection in his leg and had to have his lower right leg removed at the VA hospital. Doctors insisted that a ramp be installed at Joseph’s home before he was released from the hospital, so that he could have smooth access to the front door while in his wheelchair. Joseph was unable to cover the cost of the ramp, so Good Charity Inc’s Financial Assistance program was able to step in and cover the shortfall with funding raised for the Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund
Good Charity, Inc

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Good Charity, Inc.Bringing life into this world is a miracle in itself and one of the happiest moments a parent could ever experience. The anticipation and joy can be tremendous.

Most families shortly after giving birth bring their newborn baby home to raise and love. Others, however, receive news that no one could prepare for. I could not imagine a more terrifying experience than learning your baby has health complications or an illness that threatens their life. The feeling of desperation and sadness must be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, for some these tragic circumstances are a reality. Good Charity, Inc. was contacted by one such family. In a letter addressed to us, the mother wrote:

My name is Maria. I gave birth to Rachael on Aug 3rd, 2012. Rachael was born one month early. Rachael was born blue and lifeless and with no cry she had to be resuscitated.

The first month of Rachael’s life was very challenging.  She had surgery to place feeding tubes in her stomach in order for her to be fed. Shortly after, both of her lungs collapsed and her body became paralyzed. She then had a tracheostomy done in order for her to breathe.

There is absolutely nothing worse than having to see your child fight to stay alive. Rachael stayed 91 days in the NICU and was transferred to another children’s hospital where she is currently, fighting for her life.

We decided immediately that through our Terminally Ill Children’s Fund we would help in any way we could. From speaking with Maria, she informed us that she travels 100 miles each way to visit her daughter daily. Her husband also works for a company that was displaced due to Hurricane Sandy. With all of these obstacles against them we are happy to be in the position to lend a helping hand.

We offered to assist in some day to day necessities like gas, food, utilities or anything else that would help in some small way. Our heart goes out to this loving family. In a response email, Maria wrote:

Thank you for the generous donation we truly appreciate it. Good Charity you have given our family a glimmer of joy in the midst of our darkest hour.

Ultimately the family would like nothing more than to bring their daughter home. They are in search of funding to build an addition that would house the equipment their daughter requires, a ventilator and other equipment. If you would like to help please send us a message.

– Brian Maiorana

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Good Charity Inc., was contacted regarding a sixteen year old boy named Ray.  His mother had reached a point where she didn’t know where to turn.  Her son Ray has many health complications.  He suffers from Autistic Disorder, Prader-willi Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Obesity and Anxiety issues.  Ray’s condition started at birth.  As a newborn Ray suffered from pulmonary problems and had to be fed through a tube.  As he grew the symptoms of his condition worsened and it became evident that other issues existed.  Throughout his adolescence, Ray’s developmental delays, social interaction issues and health problems weighed heavily on himself and his family.  Ray inability to relate to his peers was problematic.  His family enrolled Ray into various treatment programs.  At times, Ray would even assault himself and was committed to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

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Ray lived with his mother and maternal grandmother.  Ray’s mother cares for both her son as well as her elderly mother.  Ray’s father hasn’t been part of his life for many years.  As you can image, the stress and helplessness can begin to be overwhelming.  Ray’s mother contacted Good Charity, Inc.  In a letter sent to us she stated “My son has gotten sicker.  His care is very extensive….I have no one to help me.” 

When we received the letter from Ray’s mom, we made the decision that we needed to help.  We contacted Ray’s mom and discussed ways that we could help Ray in his daily struggle and elevate some of the stress and worry in her life.  We agreed that providing funding for safety precautions around the house would help keep Ray safe and would allow his mother to rest a little easier.

In a letter addressed to Good Charity, Ray’s mother wrote:

“Dear Autistic Society Fund, thank you so much for the charitable donation you gave me and my son Raymond.  We were able to put locks on the doors and put a tub rail on for Ray.  We were able to clean the driveway, install a rail on our steps and put safety precautions in our house.  It was such a big help because Ray could come home on the weekends…He will be able to come home to a much safer home. Thank you and God Bless.”

From all of us at Good Charity, Inc and through our Autistic Society Fund we are especially pleased that we could help in some small way to make a difference in Ray’s life.  We wish Ray and his family all the best.

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Good Charity, Inc. glad to support breast cancer survivors

February 25th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Good Charity Inc., was contacted by a women named Chantel who had an inspirational story.  Her story was one that made an impact on us and showed the strength and fortitude of the human character.  Chantel is a vibrant woman who like many others became diagnosed with breast cancer.  At the point when Chantel contacted us she began to feel the pressure and financial burden that many in her situation face.  In a letter addressed to Good Charity Inc., Chantel wrote:

I am a very hard working, caring, loving individual.  I’ve always had two or three jobs at once.  In May my husband begged me to quit two of my part time jobs and keep only my one full time position.  We have a son in grade 1 and a daughter.  A month later, I lost my full time job and it took me three months to find another.  I began to get depressed and my family struggled due to our lack of finances.  That Sept, I found a lump in my breast.  Eventually I took on another job.  My husband and kids were not happy but we needed the additional job to help out financially.  We were really struggling.  My doctor felt that my lump might be cyst and wanted me to come back in a few months.  I did and not much had changed.  

On June 7th 2012, my husband says we are separating.  On June 12th, I have a biopsy done and in fact I have cancer.  I had to have surgery soon, chemo and radiation.   June 21 would have been our 9 year anniversary.  July 24th I had a bilateral mastectomy.   That August my husband moved away with my daughter.  After my surgery I had a port put in and began receiving chemotherapy.   I’ve had 3 chemo sessions and have 3 more to go.   Currently I’m trying to sell my house and move because I can’t afford anything, anymore.   I haven’t worked since July 2012.  I am requesting some assistance and would like to use the money to help cover the costs of living.  Any money would be greatly appreciated until I am able to go back to work.  Thank you so much for your consideration.



This story was very moving to us because it showed a person so willing to work and to provide for her family and at the same time she had to overcome obstacles of health, emotional stress, separation from her husband and treatments all at the same time.  Chantel’s bravery is one to be commended.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from illness face similar circumstances.   The physical toll of treatment, surgery and rehabilitation often leaves people unable to work and unable to pay their bills.  The National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund and all of us at Good Charity Inc. are happy to have been able to help and we wish Chantel a speedy recovery and a happy new start at life.

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