Disaster Relief and Aid Fund provides help to Hurricane Sandy victims in New York

January 25th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Natural disasters are, by definition, unexpected. What can be expected though, is that when disaster strikes, Americans always come together to help those in distress. Hurricane Sandy killed at least 125 people in the U.S. and caused an estimated 62 billion dollars in damage. In its wake many charities were set up to collect and distribute relief funds and other forms of aid to victims; Good Charity, Inc. and director Brian Maiorana decided to financially support the most efficient and effective of these charities. One of them is the Empire State Relief Fund.

The Empire State Fund’s mission statement  is  to bridge the gap between the amount covered by FEMA and insurance companies, and the amount that Hurricane Sandy’s victims truly need to restore their civility and their livelihood.

The star power that the Empire State Fund was able to assemble for their signature public service announcement was amazing, and, frankly, is what caught the attention of the Disaster Relief and Aid Fund.  When we investigated further, we found that the Empire State Relief Fund focuses on long-term residential housing assistance to help fill the funding gap between Federal aid dollars/ insurance claims and the actual cost of storm damages, which can often be substantial in areas like New York and New Jersey that have not experienced weather events on the scale of Hurricane Sandy in many, many decades.

Good Charity Inc, donates to Hurricane Sandy victims

The Disaster Relief and Aid Fund is proud to financially support the residents of New York as they rebuild their homes and lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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