Hurricane Sandy 5 months later

March 28th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

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Good Charity, Inc. helps Hurricane Sandy victims 5 months later

We recently took a trip to visit some of the people affected by who applied for assistance through Good Charity, Inc’s Financial Assistance Program.  It was a short trip but we packed in as much as we could within a short period of time.

The goal of the visit was to connect with people who came to Good Charity for assistance so that we could better learn about their experiences, struggles and hear their messages of hope.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

What we found we weren’t ready for.  The two day journey took us across parts of Long Island and Queens New York to visit families affected by Hurricane Sandy.  For weeks, Americans saw the damage on TV and heard about the devastation on the news.  Five months later, however, when the media coverage has come and gone we still found people displaced from their homes, conditions that have not yet improved much and ordinary people continuing their battle to regain normalcy.

Our experiences differed from family to family.  Each had their own unique story of where they were or what they were doing when the storm hit.  Some had experienced damaging storms in the past but no one we met ever encountered anything like Sandy before.  As we walked through people’s homes we were shown water lines five feet in the air where the flood waters reached.  Furnishings, appliances and life memories were washed away in an instance.  Irreplaceable items vanished as the hurricane ravished communities.  People were stranded and communities came together to harness their resources.  Stories of long gas lines and endless issues getting simple items like water and food were the status quo.

good charity ny visit2The devastation was immense but in the end what inspired us the most was an undeniable bond of family.  Possessions come and go but the spirit we witnessed in each of the families we spoke to assured us that hope continues.  No one wants to lose the things they’ve worked for but the families we met showed us that as long as we have our loved ones, everything else can be rebuilt.  We were moved by the courage and strength these families displayed and we were happy that in some small way, we could help.

Disaster Relief and Aid Fund Thanks our Donors

What was evident is that the struggle continues for many families.  We saw only a glimpse of the impact the storm left behind.  Media coverage for Hurricane Sandy has come and gone but we would like to leave everyone with the thought that there are thousands of people still struggling to live normal lives.  Thank you to all of the supporters of the Disaster Relief and Aid Fund.  Let’s not forget that continued support is needed so that we can lend a helping hand to those still in need.  Thank you to all of our supporters and a special thank you to all the families who graciously invited us into their homes.  We will not forget you.

-Brian Maiorana

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