Good Charity, Inc. supports Homeless Veterans in Philadelphia

April 5th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Good Charity, Inc helps Philadelphia VetsEaster for many Americans is a time of family, spirituality and happiness. For the Christian community, Easter represents God’s promise being fulfilled through Jesus Christ’s resurrection. To many, this is a promise of forgiveness, empathy towards thy brother and a promise of salvation.

On a more secular level, as Americans, we should all make a promise to our veterans who fight to defend our nation that we will not forget their sacrifices and that we will be there to support them upon their return from duty. Remembering and honoring these men and women especially in their time of need is something we feel strongly about at Good Charity. This Easter, regardless of your faith, we can all agree that helping the poor and the homeless is an important effort in strengthening the communities in which we live.

Good Charity, Inc. through our Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund was asked to sponsor an Easter dinner for homeless veterans at the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House. We were honored to be able to help. We salute the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House for their efforts working with homeless vets and wish all of the veterans the very best. Happy Holidays to all and a special thank you to all of our supporters!

-Brian Maiorana

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