Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund Helps House Homeless Wisconsin Veterans

January 17th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

Homeless Veterans need help

Nothing hurts worse than seeing everyone turn their back on you in your time of need. Unfortunately, this is just the predicament some of America’s veterans find themselves in; the society they risked their lives to protect sometimes forgets about them.

Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans fund director Brian Maiorana found out about a wonderful organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and pushed to have the Fund help them in their mission to serve the veterans who protected and served our great nation so valiantly.

Good Charity Inc, helps homeless veterans in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Services for Homeless Veterans

The organization is called “Center for Veterans Issues” and they have just built the Thomas Wynn Veterans Manor from the ground up. The Manor is not the typical “homeless shelter” style of housing that only offers temporary respite from the plight of homeless veterans: it offers permanent housing for 52 veterans,  broadband internet for every resident, as well as  laundry facilities and an exercise room.  Each resident has their own one bedroom apartment. Most importantly, the Veterans Manor has created a web of support services to help the residents reclaim their independence. One of the key support services is job skills training; other important support offered by the Manor includes substance abuse services and help accessing veteran’s benefits.

Below is an excerpt from a letter we received courtesy of the Center for Veterans Issues’ President:

“Thank you for your generous gift…The funds will be used to offset the construction costs of Veterans Manor as well as the wrap around services that address the needs of the Veterans Manor residents”

The Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund is honored to support Center for Veterans Issues in Milwaukee as they continue to serve veterans through the Thomas Wynn Veterans Manor.

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