Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund Helping Homeless Vets in Illinois

March 5th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

The men and women that serve(d) in the U.S. armed forces make our way of life possible; without their dedication and sacrifice America would not be the beacon of opportunity and freedom that attracts immigrants from across the globe. So why are our veterans 50% more likely to experience homelessness than the average citizen?

The unique challenges facing returning military personnel include increased rates of mental illness and substance abuse; veterans with these issues frequently become chronically homeless. But in East Saint Louis, the Joseph Center (part of “The Eagle’s Nest” non-profit) is  working to empower homeless military Veterans to achieve self-sufficiency  and rejoin the community as productive members of society.Good Charity helps homeless veterans

The Joseph Center is a full-service living center providing supportive housing to up to 26 homeless veterans; the only organization of its kind in the entire East St. Louis metropolitan area, they provide 24 months of housing and a dedicated case manager to each veteran.

Good Charity, Inc’s affiliate Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund supports pro-active organizations that seek to not only ameliorate current problems, but to create permanent solutions. The Joseph Center does just that, starting with the intake process. Entering veterans must be referred directly from a substance abuse treatment program or have 30 days of documented sobriety. Computer and resume preparation training is given, dental and other health issues treated, and life skills seminars are offered.

Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund is proud to provide financial support to the Joseph Center in E. Saint Louis to support the re-entry of our country’s homeless veterans into mainstream society.

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