Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund - Updates & Achievements

At Good Charity Inc., we understand the importance of the role that veterans and service members play in the protection of our nation. In the past, we have shown our support by donating to the homeless veterans in Philadelphia. We are proud to support new events that allow service members and their families to build camaraderie, […]

“Whether you left the service in 2009 or 1949, we will fulfill our responsibility to deliver the benefits and care that you earned. That’s why I’ve pledged to build nothing less than a 21st-century VA”.    –President Barack Obama   Today, US military veterans are one of the largest and most important interest groups in the […]

[jwplayer mediaid=”1323″] Good Charity Inc and the Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund support America’s veterans through our Financial Assistance Program. Joseph is a WW2 veteran living in Michigan. Recently, he developed an infection in his leg and had to have his lower right leg removed at the VA hospital. Doctors insisted that a ramp be […]

Easter for many Americans is a time of family, spirituality and happiness. For the Christian community, Easter represents God’s promise being fulfilled through Jesus Christ’s resurrection. To many, this is a promise of forgiveness, empathy towards thy brother and a promise of salvation. On a more secular level, as Americans, we should all make a […]

The men and women that serve(d) in the U.S. armed forces make our way of life possible; without their dedication and sacrifice America would not be the beacon of opportunity and freedom that attracts immigrants from across the globe. So why are our veterans 50% more likely to experience homelessness than the average citizen? The […]

Homeless Veterans need help Nothing hurts worse than seeing everyone turn their back on you in your time of need. Unfortunately, this is just the predicament some of America’s veterans find themselves in; the society they risked their lives to protect sometimes forgets about them. Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans fund director Brian Maiorana found out […]