America’s Missing Children Fund supports the Polly Klaas Foundation

January 30th, 2013 by Brian Maiorana

1993. Petaluma, California. Recently paroled burglar and kidnapper Richard Allen Davis enters a home wielding a large knife,  he is targeting a slumber party of 12 year old girls. After tying all the girls up and placing pillowcases over their heads, Davis kidnaps and leaves the home with one of them, a girl named Polly Klaas.  Two months later her body was finally found.

Good Charity Inc Helps Missing Children and the Polly Klaas Foundation

The abduction of a child is one of the most horrific crimes that can occur, and while Polly’s story did not have a happy ending, her kidnapping helped galvanize the creation and deployment of a new class of investigative tools in the search for missing children in America-bringing many happy endings for other families.

Digital missing child posters were used and mass produced for the first time in Polly’s case, and the internet also saw its first use as an informational and communications tool. Over 4 thousand volunteers worked in the search to find Polly, and as they did pleas for help from the parents of many other missing children flooded the volunteer center.

Realizing the need for general adaptation of the new search techniques pioneered in Polly’s case and searching for meaning in their daughter’s murder, the Klaas family created the Polly Klaas Foundation to help other families find their missing children.  In a nationwide effort led by the Polly Klaas Foundation the now familiar “Amber Alert” system was created in 1996 to find missing children.

Good Charity, Inc. scours the country for the most effective charity groups, and we are confident that  the Polly Klaas foundation continues to be one of the most important resources in the search for missing kids, continuing to organize and supply volunteers, technology, and information all around the United States. America’s Missing Children Fund is proud to financially support the Polly Klaas Foundation; there is nothing more important than protecting the children of America.

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