America’s Missing Children Fund - Updates & Achievements

  America’s Missing Children’s Fund OTTAWA COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Bureau of Investigations are blaming each other as to why no Amber Alert has been issued for the daughter of a murdered woman.   The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has rejected Franklin County’s request for an Amber Alert to […]

America’s Missing Children’s Fund and Good Charity, Inc raise money so that incidents like this one never happen again. Ariel Castro kept 3 women locked in his house for nearly 10 years. If America had a truly effective and comprehensive system for tracking missing and exploited children they would have never slipped through the cracks. […]

In the article below, America’s Missing Children’s Fund has outlined a few immediate steps people should take if their child becomes missing.  The first forty-eight hours of a child’s disappearance are absolutely critical. The action that is taken within that time frame can make all the difference in terms of the child being safely returned to his […]

1993. Petaluma, California. Recently paroled burglar and kidnapper Richard Allen Davis enters a home wielding a large knife,  he is targeting a slumber party of 12 year old girls. After tying all the girls up and placing pillowcases over their heads, Davis kidnaps and leaves the home with one of them, a girl named Polly […]

Two thousand children are reported missing in the U.S. every day. While most of them are back home within 24 hours, some are not. These are America’s lost kids. America’s Missing Children Fund is dedicated to helping find them. In our quest to find the most effective charities to support, we came across one of […]