About Us

Our Mission

For those forced to seek out private philanthropy, Good Charity is dedicated to serving and being a resource to individuals, families, and large institutions in need.

Our Funds

Good Charity manages nine separate and unique charitable relief funds. Each is dedicated to serving individuals, families and institutions that only find funding through private philanthropy.

Why Us?

Good Charity Inc. serves a very specific need of support for thousands of non-profits, individuals, families and institutions. Many organizations are small and rely completely on volunteers for whatever funding they can generate in their immediate circles. Others, are individuals and families who need money for parking, food, medicine or funerals. Generating donations is costly and can take those in the trenches off focus of their greater mission. But without it, not much can be done. Even well funded larger institutions like universities and hospitals have gaps in their program services that can only be filled with private philanthropy. Good Charity starts where other charities leave off, facilitating amazing accomplishments of humanity by empowering champions on the ground level who rely on funding as the lifeblood of their programs.